When it comes to buying a new home, it’s important to understand what potential buyers are looking for. While the economy has taken a hit, demand is still strong. Potential buyers may even be more ready to purchase a new property than they were before the recession hit.

Many home buyers want convenience and space. Separate baths and showers are becoming increasingly popular, and they are a great selling feature. Separated living areas can help a buyer make use of space without the need for expensive renovations. Buyers also prefer to have paved patios or grassy lawns. Also read https://www.sellmyhousefasthoustontx.com/we-buy-houses-terrell-tx/


When looking for a new home, buyers typically look at hundreds of factors, including location, school district, size of lot, and interior features. While some buyers insist on their wish list, others are more realistic, and will settle for a house that grants most of their desires. Many buyers are willing to pay thousands of dollars extra for certain interior features. For example, 60% of buyers would spend more money for central air conditioning, new kitchen appliances, and a walk-in master bedroom closet.

Besides location, storage space is another key feature home buyers want. Most buyers will consider extra storage space as the primary reason for buying a new home. Basements, attics, and built-ins are all good places to add extra space. According to Thea Babington-Stitt, an interior design writer for Homes & Gardens, built-in storage solutions are having a moment. These solutions free up floor space, and built-in wardrobe units can help zone an open concept living space.

In addition to being tech-savvy, home buyers want an agent who is familiar with the area and is accessible. They also want a real estate agent who is friendly and easy to communicate with. The Open Listings study shows that buyers prioritize niceness and friendliness over professionalism. The personal touch is crucial to a successful home purchase, and a friendly agent is vital for a happy, successful transaction.


A kitchen island is another feature that new homebuyers want. These kitchen islands can make a kitchen stand out and help create a focal point. Another popular addition is bi-folding doors to the garden. Having these installed can help tip the selling process in your favor. In addition, many buyers are attracted to homes that are minimalist and gently industrial.

As the first-time homebuyer market becomes more competitive, it is vital to understand what buyers want. Millennials and other younger homebuyers are aware of the technology capabilities of their homes, and they look for homes that have strong internet connectivity and cell phone service.


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